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Where I try to extract the possible from impossible


Weather system

Weather system 2.0 is a dynamic day and night system with support for random weathers such as:
and more all configurable at real time in game and editor using the event system and properties panel
several settings are exposed for modifying such as could speed and coverage
rain amount and time for rain
fog depth , amount and density for fog
and more for other weather types plus a lot of debug options available for the user.

Blender Car Render

A series of renders of a corvette c8 in a racing track and road using blender

Neo Storm Engine

NST or neo storm engine A New engine based on Vulkan and DirectX12 with openGL 2D
support made for basic 2d and 3d games with consoles in mind

Note : this is still in active development

About Me

Some info about me :
Languages : C++/C#/Python/Html/CSS/JS
Education : Currently studying at Khorasgan University
Hi I'm Parsa Dehghani and I'm a Fast learner and a curios person, I'm good at C++, python and know C#, HTML & CSS. On the game dev side I work with UE4 & UE5.